24 Days in a Carry On

Murray and I go to Europe tomorrow. We booked this trip 9 months ago, but have dreaming of it for years. Literally, years. We’ve planned a leisurely schedule in just three countries, with only a few tours booked. All of our internal travel is by train, and all of our accomodation is Airbnb. To keep things super simple, we are just taking one small carry on size suitcase each. Murray has a small back pack, and I have a tote bag, and that's it. After a request from my Mum, here is my packing list for the trip. I apologise for my photography. I will never be a fashion blogger, that’s for sure!

The weather will be cool in London, unpredictable in France, and hot in Italy.

24 days, 3 countries, 1 small suitcase

These are the clothes that I’m taking:

4 bottoms - black skirt, denham shorts, skinny jeans, black pants

4 bottoms - black skirt, denham shorts, skinny jeans, black pants

4 Bottoms:
Black pants, skinny jeans, denham shorts and a black knee length skirt.

6 Tops:
3 t-shirts - black, white and grey
2 sleeveless tops that are cool in hot weather - white and navy
1 pretty shirt for going somewhere nice

2 Dresses:
A black spotty sleeveless dress, and a plain navy dress that has short sleeves (for visiting religious sites).

6 Tops - 3 t-shirts, 2 sleeveless, 1 dressy top

6 Tops - 3 t-shirts, 2 sleeveless, 1 dressy top

3 Shoes:
Converse, Birkenstock and black ballet flats.

Togs, hat, scarf, belt, small handbag
2 singlets - a white and a black
4 Socks, 10 undies and 3 bras
1 nighty

A light black jacket - a smart fitted cut that is made out of cotton jersey fabric, so it’s super comfy and can squish up into my bag without getting wrinkly
A light grey knit jumper.

2 dresses

2 dresses

iPhone (for taking photos, Google translate, and keeping in touch with the kids), iPad (stocked with books and a few movies), battery recharge pack

Small quantities of basic supplies that I use every day
Basic first aid - bandaids, Panadol, cough drops…

My running pouch - a skinny bum bag that I can wear underneath a shirt easily to stash the spare credit card
Notebook and pen
Travel wallet
Refillable water bottle

What I’m Not Taking:

Active wear or sneakers - I’m not planning on doing anything that resembles exercise other than wandering around
My laptop - when I get in ‘writing’ mode I’m not very sociable, and that’s not fair on Murray!
A camera (just using the phone)
Hair dryer or straightener
Umbrella (I’ll buy one if I need it, or just stay inside)

What I’m Going to Buy:

A ‘mother of the bride’ dress
A leather jacket (maybe)
Scarf (if I see something I like)
We’ll see, but that may be it!

What I’ll wear on the plane:
Black pants, white t-shirt, grey knit jumper, and Converse. I will take the scarf in my tote.

What I’m Looking Forward to Most:


More Time
No commitments, no responsibilities, no one relying on me, no meetings to go to, just lots of time. Time to wander around and explore new places, chat with my husband, and try new things.

Less TV and Media
I waste away hours watching nothing, keeping up with Master Chef and scrolling through Pinterest. I do have a few books, movies and music loaded onto my devices, but I will probably come home with most of it unwatched and unread.

Going Back in Time
I’m not a great history buff, but I have always loved reading historical fiction. I am looking forward to seeing lots of really old and beautiful buildings and churches. Walking around the ancient cities of Venice, Florence and Rome will be unbelievable. 

Taking a Long Break
This will be the longest holiday I have ever had, the most time I've had with just Murray and I, and probably the clearest itinerary. It’s been a huge year, life is a hectic whirlwind, and I am looking forward to getting away from it all and taking things pretty simply for a while. We picture ourselves sitting in cafe's and parks, watching people and sipping coffee. We will have long afternoons to just wander around strange streets and markets and take in the sights, smells and tastes of other fascinating cultures.

What I’ll Miss:
No, can’t think of anything right now. Okay, I will miss my kids, a bit, sometimes...

Because I’m not taking my laptop, there will be at least a month long break before the next blog post, but you are welcome to follow my adventure on the Facebook page or Instagram. I’m sure I will get back with notebooks full of inspiration and amazing ideas to share with you. Au Revoir!