I am a wife and mother, pastor and crafter. I live in Brisbane, Queensland, with my husband and the youngest of our three children. I have a full and busy life, and like many women I know, struggle to find a good work/home/faith balance that honours God and serves my family well.

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My wonderful husband and I have recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Murray is a software architect and entrepreneur who works mostly from home. It has been a real blessing to our family, as even through the high school years our kids rarely came home to an empty house. This has enabled me to  work in a job that I love after spending 13 years at home when our children were small. Being married to a self-employed entrepreneur is an exciting roller-coaster ride, with times of plenty and times in between projects with little income. It has been an adventure and I wouldn't change him for the world.

I have three amazing children, who aren't really children any more. My eldest, Kate, works in media and marketing. She is married to Shane, a butcher, and super nice guy to have as a son-in-law. My second child, Amy, is 20 and is part way through a Bachelor of Environmental Management. She lives in a lovely little apartment ten minutes drive away. My son, Jesse, is 19. He graduated from High School last year and has begun has carpentry apprenticeship. After all of the child raising years, I am navigating the 'letting go' stage of parenting, cheering my kids on as they find their way in an adult world.

I am a registered Baptist pastor, and I work four days a week at Gateway Baptist Church. It is a great church family with a fantastic team that I love working with. My area is Pastoral Care and Connection, a position that is hard, but I love. I have the privilege of walking alongside people through the greatest joys and challenges of life. One of the struggles of ministry is that the job is never 'done' at the end of the day. There are always more needs than I have the capacity to meet. Making peace with an incomplete 'to do' list is an ongoing faith tension for me, trusting God to stand in the gap between my capacity and the needs of the people I am called to care for.

I always have a craft project, or two (or ten), on the go. I have been through the cross-stitching phase, folk-art phase, embroidery, crochet, knitting (briefly), and patchwork. I am working on folding origami stars and English paper piecing at the moment. I love making up my own patterns and choosing my own colours rather than following the magazine picture version of my projects. I also enjoy my herb garden, which is basically a row of big pots down the side of our rental house.

 My beautiful family

My beautiful family