Making Peace with Change

We’re moving. Well, our house is for sale. We are ready to downsize as the children make plans to fly the coup. It’s a big, beautiful house, but it’s only home because we live here. 

Our real estate agent suggested we hire a professional stager to help us arrange and furnish the living areas. On a tight time frame this very efficient lady stood in my home and barked out instructions faster than I could write. She pointed at each piece of my furniture and said, “Move that out, get rid of that, move the book case over there and get rid of all of your books…”

Then she looks at me, “Is there any way you can get rid of the piano?” The piano! She seriously wanted me to get rid of the piano. My heart was screaming at her. My children spent hours filling our home with music and fun on that piano. I faked a smile, bewildered, and agreed. I hadn’t ever noticed that the colour of the timber didn’t match the rest of the room. Does it really make the room look smaller? Out went the piano, and some of the soul of my family disapeared with it.

“Leave the wing back chair. I can use that. It’s nice and neutral,” she said. I nearly asked, “What’s a wing back chair?” but held my tongue. She was pointing to my chair. My ‘Mamma Bear’ chair. My God chair. This is the chair where I sit each day and spend time reading my Bible and sitting with God. Everything had to change, but the God chair could stay. God could stay.

With God's help we can be at peace in times of change. Through each new season in life, God is always there, and He is unchanging through it all.

I had three kids in three and a half years. Those early years were relentless; I couldn’t do anything or go anywhere without them. Then came the years when they couldn’t do anything or go anywhere without me. Now, they have licences and cars of their own. They have jobs and friends, and are very capable of caring for themselves. We can even go away for the weekend without worrying about them. While they are still living at home now, it won’t be long before the bedrooms will be empty and the bathroom will be clean. Success! The measure of a successful parent is to raise and release great adults. Right?

If family was the only part of life that changed I could cope quite well. But, no. Everything else changes too. Jobs and responsibilities change. Friends and colleagues come and go from our lives. The shopping centre gets renovated and extended. Our favourite restaurant is under new management. The dishwasher breaks down, and it’s all too much to handle. I liked my job, my friends, my shops and my dishwasher. 

The only thing that is constant is change.
— Heraclitus

Nothing in life is stable. Nothing is safe from change. But, the God chair is always in the room. Through each new season in life, God is there, and He is unchanging through it all. He is an anchor in the storm, a firm foundation on the rock, a fortress in the battle. Dependable, faithful, eternal.

In a few weeks we will move into a new house. It will be home because we live there, and the God chair will come with us. I will put my chair by a new window where I will meet with God each morning. My ever-present help in times of need. My fortress, my saviour, my friend, my peace in the change.

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