Top 10 Tips for Creating Margins

Living with Margins

Margins. The space around the page. The spare space for the fun stuff - the stickers and stamps, the love hearts, flowers and rainbows. The day dreams and doodles.

It’s hard to find space for margins. You have to make it. You have to rule the margins before you put anything else on the page. Without intentional planning the margins don’t just fill up, they don’t even exist!

How do you create margins in your life? How do you make time and space for day dreaming and doodling? Are there love hearts, flowers and rainbows in your life somewhere?

Book in some margin. Plan it. Protect it. Decide to create some space and time for the activities you find fun and relaxing. Think about the things you love to do on vacation and make moments to do them on normal days and weekends.

It's kind of ironic that to create space you need to plan. So, my TOP 10 TIPS for creating margins, are 10 suggestions of things to plan into your calendar that bring some fun, unessential activities into your week that will enable you to take a breath and refresh your soul.

Too busy? These 10 tips will help you find the time you need for some much needed self-care. #timemanagement #stress #selfcare #selflove #rest

Top 10 Margin Activities

1.   Make a cuppa, sit in your favourite sunny spot. Turn the TV off, leave your phone on silent in another room. Enjoy your cuppa. Enjoy your space. Take a few moments to just BE. 

2.   Go outside. Look at the sky. Walk barefoot on the grass, look at a tree, find something that’s alive. Take a moment to feel the warmth of sunshine on your face, breath deeply and slowly and thank God for his goodness.

3.   Play with your children. Get on the floor. Contribute to the mess of toys on the floor and join in the fun. If your kids are older, get out the Monopoly or have a Mario Kart tournament. There is nothing like a bit of childlike fun to make your heart happy

4.   Take a nap. No guilt, no judgement, no explanation. When the kids are sleeping, ignore the jobs that are waiting (they will still be there when you wake up) and allow yourself some rest.

5.   Walk on the beach. Ride a bike. Climb a mountain. Go for a swim. What are the activities you look forward to when you are on vacation? Find a weekend in the calendar sometime soon and plan a one-day vacation.

6.   Invite a friend out for breakfast, or make it a date with your spouse or one of your kids. Eat slowly, sip coffee, enjoy slow conversation.

7.   Plan a family meal that is fun for everyone. Make pizzas together or build messy tacos. Toast marshmallows, pop popcorn, get out the picnic blanket or camping table. Turn the TV off, put on some fun music and enjoy the laughter of those you love the most.

8.   Read something just for fun. A novel or a newspaper, a comic or a magazine. 

9.   Eat something you used to enjoy as a child. An ice-cream cone, watermelon, vegemite on fresh bread - whatever brings a smile to the child hidden inside you.

10.  Spend time with people who you enjoy. You know, the friends who make you laugh and don’t mind if you go out instead of cooking. They make you feel great and the time just flies when you’re together. Spend time with them. Call some friends you haven't seen in a while and plan a get-together.

That’s my top ten list of ideas. What about you? What could you plan to do this week that will bring a smile to your face and make your heart happy? Grab your diary and plan a one-day holiday sometime soon. Remember, margins don't exist unless you rule them in first.