Happy New Year!

Can you believe it’s 2019?

I have to admit, I love a new year. There is something about the number in the calendar clicking over that prompts some helpful self-reflection. My husband and I have conversations about hopes and dreams, goals and plans. We talk about the big things; the important things.

I love going through my brand new planner, filling in birthdays and big events, trying to write as neatly as possible. I love flipping through the empty to-do lists printed on each page, the wide open schedule, all the blank pages. Page after page of potential; time not yet wasted, choices not yet made.

My new planner has an allocated space at the top of the page for 'Words of Inspiration'. Feeling spiritual I did what every mature Christian does, I did a Google search on 'bible verses for the new year'. Then I began to read.

My heart, open to all the new possibilities of a New Year, drank in the words of wisdom and Biblical perspective in these verses. Before long, I was typing a list of possible verses to write at the top of my January calendar page. 

The list continued to grow until I got all the way to 31, and my first Scripture Writing challenge accidentally began. I have heard about them on Facebook and Instagram. I even have a Pinterest board just for Scripture Writing, but I've never done it consistently for myself, until now!

Each day in January, I will hand write out one of the verses on my list, and I will reflect on how each truth impacts my life this year. Each day I will post my verse on my Instagram. Yes, my carefully curated Instagram feed will fill with my own messy handwriting of God's Word for me.

If you would like to join me, you can download my list of verses. If you would just like to follow along, follow my Instagram profile, or join in using #writetheword19. 


I went to a function at church just before Christmas and sat with a friend who I hadn't caught up with for a while. As we chatted she told me about some really difficult circumstances she had been through recently. Uncertainty with her work situation coming into the new year had affected her to the point where she was so worried that she could not keep food down. She had worried herself sick.

My heart just broke for her. I was sympathetic about her work situation; knowing that you might be let go is a terrible situation to be in. But, as a sister in Christ, I just wanted to remind her that God's promises are true, that we can trust him with our burdens, that we are invited to cast our anxiety on Him because He cares for us. I wanted to join the dots between the truth of who God is, and who God is in her. 

I wanted for her to know that even if the worst happened, and she lost her job, that God was still good, that he had a good plan for her life, that she was going to be okay.

The reason why I know this? My natural default is to worry too. The solution? To write God's Word. To hide His words in my heart. To make the connection between the words I read and know are true, to my thoughts and feelings, attitudes and actions. 

Want to join me in starting off the year by writing Scripture each day? Download your Wisdom for the New Year Scripture Writing Challenge and write along with me.