Stress and busyness are a normal part of modern life. We dream of days spent sitting on a beach or walking in the bush, but rarely make the time. We have things to do and places to be. We are constantly striving to do more, achieve more and have more.

And yet, we are often so unhappy. We are busy, cranky and tired all the time. The levels of stress related illness, anxiety, depression and even suicide are higher now than ever before. This is not the way God intended us to live!

Come away with me to a quiet place and rest a while.
— Jesus (Mark 6:31)

Living with Margins is about creating an intentional life that has time and space to look after ourselves with the capacity to love God, our family, and others well.

Getting Started

You can read all about why I started this blog in my first post: When I Thought We Were Leaving.

There are four main topics that I regularly write about: faith, family, self-care and simple living.

Some of my most popular posts include:

Let's get to know each other

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