Stress and busyness are a normal part of modern life. We dream of days spent sitting on a beach or walking in the bush, but rarely make the time. We have things to do and places to be. We fill our lives with good things and miss out on the best things.

But, we are not designed to live like this! The popularity of the "Mindfulness Movement" and adult colouring books speaks to our need to slow down and wind down. We need margins in our life, spare time, white space - time to do what is truly the most important and healthy relationships with people we love to share it with.

That's what "Living with Margins" is all about. A life with margins. A life with a bit of space to be healthy, happy, and to enjoy time with the people we love the most.

I suffer from stress. The everyday pressure of marriage, family and ministry gets overwhelming and my body comes up with all sorts of weird symptoms that my doctor tells me are stress related illnesses. So, I've been on a 'self care' quest for several years now, looking for ways to live better and cope with life well. I haven't got all of the answers. I still suffer with stress at times, but, I have learned a lot. I can recognise my triggers much earlier, and I can usually be kind enough to myself to stay on top of things.

As I have been sharing my journey with others I have found that I am definitely not the only one in this situation, and the lessons I have learned have been helpful to others. I hope the stories and insights I share in my blog, "Living with Margins," is an encouragement to you as well.