Joy: An Indicator of Spiritual Health

Joy: An Indicator of Spiritual Health

I chose Joy as my ‘one word’ for this year because it is a spiritual health indicator for me. Let me explain...

At my obstetrician check-up six weeks after giving birth, the first question he asked was, “Have you had intercourse yet?” That was a confronting question. Then he explained why he was asking about my sex life. It was an indicator. If I had not healed physically from giving birth, if I were not coping with my role as a new mother, if I had severe sleep deprivation or post-natal depression, the answer would be ‘No.’

Aparently, sex is the first thing to disappear from a new mother’s life when she is not going well. It is an indicator of general health and well-being.

For me, joy is an indicator of spiritual health and well-being.

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