I am a wife and mother, pastor and crafter. I live in Brisbane, Queensland, with my husband and the youngest of our three children. I have a full and busy life, and like many women I know, struggle to find a good work/home/faith balance that honours God and serves my family well.

Family Photo 2018

I suffer from stress. The everyday pressure of marriage, family and ministry gets overwhelming and my body comes up with all sorts of weird symptoms that my doctor tells me are stress related illnesses. So, I've been making self care a priority for several years now, looking for ways to live better and cope with life well. I haven't got all of the answers. I still get overwhelmed at times, but, I have learned a lot. I can recognise my triggers much earlier, and I can usually be kind enough to myself to stay on top of things.

As I have been sharing my journey with others I have found that I am definitely not the only one in this situation, and the lessons I have learned have been helpful to others. I hope the stories and insights I share here are an encouragement to you as well.